The Swiss Lever Escapement

Charles Darwin would have had great pleasure if he could have followed up the evolution of the Swiss lever escapement (that is, if he would have been interested in the technique of clocks?). From a, for centuries lasting evolution of escapement types, the Swiss lever escapement turned out to be the most successful one and nowadays it is the most common escapement of them all. Nowadays it simply is "THE" escapement!

What is called, the changes of genes in nature, is what generations of Horologers' take care of when it comes to the (lifeless?) escapements. Selection use to be made, is still is according to the cost effectiveness throughout the clock-technique. From this selection process, the Swiss escapement turned out to be the glorious winner and that has, by now, reached such fame, that other escapements find it hard to survive. Considering the criteria, of the selection, it is absolutely correct.